The Book

Cover PageHi Friends,

Thanks for coming by!  Making this book was one of the greatest creative joys of my life, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.

It is full of recipes that are close to my heart.  I make the Apple + Blackberry Crisp (Chapter 1) each Christmas morning;  the Cauliflower Steaks (Chapter  4) have become my go-to Valentine’s Day supper; and the Truffle Brownies (Chapter 5) are literally the stuff of legend.

I am proud and excited to offer The Inclusive Table to you for free in easy to download pdf chapters.  My hope is that you’ll make these dishes to share  with your family and friends, crafting new memories through delicious meals that will unite you over the dinner table on every occasion.

I want to pause here before signing off to offer special thanks to Chris Bolin for his extraordinary photography and endless support; to Frankie, for her wisdom and creative midwifery; and to Meaghan, for her wit, humor and encouragement.  You all were the backbone of this project and it was a gift to share in it’s creation with you.

And thanks to you all for having a look and bringing this book to life in your kitchen!

Love and gratitude,

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Chapter 1: Breakfast

Chapter 2: Soup

Chapter 3: Starters, Sides and Savory Spreads

Chapter 4: The Center of the Plate

Chapter 5: Sweets and Aperitifs 

Chapter 6: Pantry Delicacies 

Chapter 7: Breads and Basics 

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